Tandem Skydive

First Time

You are over two miles high, and your adrenaline is pumping. You exit the plane harnessed to a USPA certified tandem instructor.

Freefall takes your breath away. Fear turns to exhilaration. The canopy opens, and you float down into the beautiful Virginia countryside.

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Learn to Skydive

Learn to Skydive Solo

At Skydive Orange, we promote continual learning. Once you have your “A” License, you can enjoy formation and free flying, advanced freefall, wingsuiting, canopy skill development, competitions,  and instructional ratings courses.

Our instructors often arrange trips to the I-Fly wind tunnel for additional skills development and other special events.

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High Altitude Skydives at Orange

Premium Exhilaration
HALO Tandem Jumps

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Experienced Skydivers in Formation

Experienced Skydivers

If you are serious about skydiving, this is the place for you. For more than a decade, the US Military has used our facility for training purposes—proof positive that we are Virginia’s premier skydiving center.

"I appreciate how smoothly everything flowed from the pre-jump training Lambert conducted, to Mario helping to put my jump suit on and for being my "angel" up in the sky at 13,500 feet; keeping me safe and allowing me to have a blast. The video and photos that Lambert took were completely awesome ..." - Julie Morris-5/11/2014 Read more

The Orange Advantage

  • You can jump from 13,500 ft. (2.5 miles) - more freefall time (others take you to less than 10,000 ft.)
  • Large & comfortable aircraft - jump with your friends and family (others use 4-seaters)
  • Experienced instructors that use new & high quality gear
  • New hangar - large, clean bathrooms
  • Crisp outside video and stills (other use hand-cams)
  • Opportunity to become licensed
  • Skydive Orange has been in continuous operation since 1977. In fact, Skydive Orange is one of the oldest club-operated drop zones in the country.

What does this mean for you?

You get to experience skydiving at a drop zone known to attract and retain the best skydiving instructors in Virginia. We take you higher, in a more comfortable plane; you get more freefall time. Our videographers capture you, the plane, the sky, and the gorgeous view of the mountains.

The Orange Experience

Check out this video to get a better idea of what you can expect on your tandem skydive.

Make the memory last forever. Let one of our professional videographers capture the experience of a lifetime!


Leah G. - Washington ,DC

Leah G. - Washington ,DC


Skydive Orange did an AMAZING job teaching us how to be safe, getting us up in the sky and then helping us get to the ground in one piece with amazing instructors, spot on photographers/videographers and an awesome view to boot.
My boyfriend had Mario as his instructor and I had John. They were both awesome in their own rights, made us feel totally safe and rocked our socks off. Super professional, calmed us down and gave us the rides of our lives, what more can you ask for as your first time jump instructor???
Our videographers/photographers were absolutely outstanding. I had Cherry (David) and my boyfriend had Larry who were basically our personal paparazzi crew. They made us feel totally comfortable and kept us smiling and pumped throughout the whole ride. 
Overall, everyone at Orange was great. It might seem easy going and a little all over the place with a lack of direction but don't let these jumpers fool you, everyone knows exactly what's going  and knows where you need to be so sit back, keep your eyes and ears open and enjoy the best free fall you'll ever experience.
Thanks for making my birthday the most memorable thus far - SKYDIVE ORANGE GETS 5 STARS IN MY BOOK!
Leah G. Washington, DC. 5/10/2014